Hero Express available now on Xbox!

Hero Express is now Available on Xbox!🎉🎉
Are you ready for this crazy driving adventure?🚗

Hero Express is coming to Nintendo Switch July 5th

Colorful pixelart, tropical music and exotic setting!🌴

What more could you ask from a game? Hero Express, the craziest driving game, is coming to Nintendo Switch July 5th. 🥳🥳

Pack your Switch. Where will you be playing Hero Express? ✈️🏝🗻⛺️

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Black Paradox iOS 75% off

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Black Paradox Switch (America region) 50% off


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Hero Express will be available in early July for Switch!


Our new game, Hero Express, will be available in early July for Switch! 🎉🤟🚀

Let’s study the levels together to be ready for that date. 🧐
Today we show you New York 🌉🌇, the only road layout in the game.

You can play 🕹️ the New York level in our demo available on:

Itch: https://fantasticostudio.itch.io/hero-express
Gamejolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/heroexpress/412652
Indiexpo: https://www.indiexpo.net/en/games/hero-express

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Have Good Sunday! 🕺

Simply Carlo #1. Pothos


Hi guys, My name’s Carlo, I’m a dev here at Fantastico Studio. Nice to meet you.
Starting today I’ll run “Simply Carlo” :D, a column about gardening… Yes, at Fantastico Studio we talk about stuff that’s not video games too.

I hear someone ask: “how did your gardening passion start?”
Well it was kinda by chance, I was trying to decorate my home and thought: “Why not put some green here?”.

So I decided to get some Pothos cuttings from the office plants, that I followed in their daily growth.
After some satisfying results I cultivated (pun intended) this interest by taking care and propagating some other plants.
Right now I have around 10 at my place and the office.
It’s a relaxing hobby and it helps me rest when I’m taking a break at work or from home chores.

So today I’ll be talking about Pothos and its propagation.

Pothos is a plant that spontaneously grows in tropical countries and are some of the most appreciated room plants thanks to their elegance, ease to grow it and tolerance to lack of light and water.
The Photos is also used in some tropical islands as crowns to garnish the head and neck of widowers that are about to remarry.
The plant’s vegetative stage, that goes from March to October (depending on the climate area), the plant grows really rapidly and climbs easily on a moss support.
The Pothos is a climbing plant with glossy and compact heart shaped leaves. These are green colored with white-gold shaped spots.

Soil, Light, irrigation

The perfect soil to grow the Pothos is a mix of garden soil, ⅓ of topsoil and some sand.
Other soils are fine too as long as they are sufficiently drained.
Additionally it’s possible to grow it in the water (hydroculture) with the help of some mineral salts tablets.
The Pothos should be placed in a well lit place, but not under direct sun light. More light means the plant will be more variegated.
As for irrigation, it’s enough to water the plant 2-3 times a week, depending on the temperature.
The soil should be kept moist but shouldn’t have puddles. It’s also a good idea to keep the leaves moisturized with a moisturizer.

Cutting propagation

The Cutting multiplies easily  by putting it in water or a sandy soil.
It’s also possible to split the plant by cutting it with a sharp disinfected knife (maybe with a flame) to avoid contagion. Afterwards each part should be planted as if it was an adult plant.
I suggest to have the Cutting take root in water for a couple weeks. Once the roots have developed transfer it in the soil, caring not to cover the leaves and the new stalks with it.

Xbox One release date

Big news! Hero Express is coming soon.
It will be launched on June 25th on Xbox One.
Are you ready to save the world?

New Demo!

Hey guys!
We have received lots of feedbacks since the demo was released. Most of them were about the game being too difficult. We have thus greatly decreased the difficulty, and used the old tracks as a hard mode unlocked after beating it once.
So now the game allows both a chill experience for players who just want to enjoy the experience, and a real challenge for hardcore players.

What do you guys think about this? Let us know!

Play it on itch
Play it on gamejolt

Hero Express powerups

Have you tried Hero Express yet?
If so you probably know the game power-ups, but let’s introduce them anyway.

The Jumper, a powerup that allows the player to jump and avoid death, surpass obstacles, or reach otherwise unaccessible areas.
Also in some tracks it’s a necessary power-up to progress through the track.
Here in the GIF you can see an example of a jumper used wrong as the car’s speed was almost null when used.

To talk about the Cleaner we have to first talk about objects that soil your car first.  These objects (that are different for every track) will dirty your screen while making your wheels slippery.
This is obviously a pain while trying to climb hills and rush to the next gasoline.  The Cleaner allows the player to clean the dirt, getting things back to normal while playing a cool effect.
The effect was made using a normal map to distort the image to simulate a watery effect.

What do you think about that?