Enzo Cucchi game over!

On July 30th our new project, Cuccchi, will be released on Steam.
We’ve decided to give you more info to better understand our project.

Enzo Cucchi is an Italian painter. He was a key member of the Italian Transavanguardia movement. His works are held in numerous museum collections including Tate Gallery, Museum of Modern Art, Centre Georges Pompidou, Louvre, Chicago Art Institute.

Enzo Cucchi has chosen an original way to make his art available: a “gamified archive”, with all the information of interest to collectors, scholars, gallery owners, etc., but expressed in a language and method close to the new generations.
In the game, players will cross 7 areas drawn from the artist’s works that take life and motion in three-dimensional spaces populated by the fantastic characters that are typical of Enzo Cucchi’s work.

Players must explore the areas in search of tokens to collect, avoiding evil entities and other dangers that will try to steal them.

At the end of the game players can unlock in a virtual gallery the high-resolution images of the works they have collected.

We have selected 52 works, from the vast production of Enzo Cucchi, which inspired the design of the 7 playable areas. Each work has been redesigned by Julian Palacios, using a mix of 3d and pixel art.

On July 30, 2021, the Enzo Cucchi Archive will be inaugurated

On July 30, 2021, the Enzo Cucchi Archive will be inaugurated: not a physical place but a videogame.
Created by Fantastico Studio and Julian Palacios, the game Cuccchi is a dreamlike journey through the artist’s imagination.

Promesa is the Best Italian Game of 2021


Congratulations to Julian Palacios Getchman and his game Promesa for winning the “Best Italian Game” award at the Italian Video GameAwards 2021.

Proud to have helped him bring his game to PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo switch.

Borneo – Devlog #04

Fourth Devlog of BORNEO: A Jungle Nightmare is here!

Check it out!

Fantastico Studio sizzle reel 2020

Hi folks, this tough year is ending and we want to say a big thank you to all the people who support our work.
Without you nothing would be possibile!
We have shown you many awesome games but the best is yet to come!

Devlog #02

The second Devlog for BORNEO is now available on Steam!

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BORNEO: About the criticism…

We would like to tell all those who have asked for more information and all those who have criticized “Borneo: a jungle nightmare” that we are sorry that the trailer has been misunderstood.

In fact, in the video there is no reference to cannibalism carried out by natives of Borneo or belonging to local tribes.

We know that cannibalism in Borneo never existed. And this will be well explained in the game.

The character depicted is a native while performing a ritual, nothing more. It can be mistaken for a cannibal when viewed with eyes veiled by prejudice and ignorance. And it is precisely on these prejudices that the plot of the game will develop.

Like any Deodato product, the message will be strong and it will be conveyed very strongly.
We can’t go into too much detail, it would be a terrible spoiler, but we can assure that the native Borneo culture will be treated with due respect.

On the other hand, we have nothing to say to all those who have insulted and threatened us.

BORNEO first Devlog is now available on Steam!

Check it out!