Rocket hell!!!


Here’s one of the coolest looking weapons in Black Paradox, the Rocket Launcher! We really love how the final trail particle has come out!

Though they look cool now we had lots of problems with balancing the misseles at the start. Even though they had a not so high damage output having near 100% accuracy made them a deadly game breaking weapon.

We found the right balance by making it the lowest DPS weapon in the game, but with that level of accuracy it’s still a really deadly weapon we usually love to pick anytime!!!

Jumping between acid potions to save the school!

We haven’t posted a Landflix update in a while, so we thought we’d show you the first boss battle in the game! Doctor Banner is experimenting on the school kids and only Larry can stop him! The boss fight is divided in 3 stages each with 3 main points. The one in this GIF is the first one. Larry has to grab the beer in the bottom right corner and reach the left one to enter the upside down while avoiding the acid potions hurled by the doctor, which leave acid puddles on the ground.

Once here he’ll have to go through obstacles while minding his oxygen level and reaching a second portal to go back to reality and hit the doctor with his burp.

Everytime the doctor is hurt Larry will be forced back down and the doctor will get angry and throw a huge wave of acid potions. At this point the elements in the level will shift and the upside down world will change, making each phase different from the others! Of course this boss battle still needs some refining, but we’re pretty satisfied with the mechanics behind it! What do you guys think?

Insane Brothers slamming hard on some asteroids

Today we’ll give you a sneak peek of Black Paradox’s first boss. Insane Brothers is the easiest of the 7 bosses in the game, but don’t understimate them, we’ve seen many testers lose to their attacks!

Here you can see the boss presentation. pretty cool uh? The boss name is announced by a Japanese voice reading the name with a Japanese accent 🙂

This one is one of the boss’ coolest attacks. He charges straight at the player and slams into the wall of meteors behind him, shooting meteor fragments everywhere. This attack is always available to the boss, but when he’s low health he’ll get angry and use a stronger vversion of said attack.

What do you think of this attack?


Infective weapon causing a massacre in Black Paradox

Here’s another one of Black Paradox’s cool weapons. The Corrosive shot was originally intended just as a corrosive weapon that deals damage over time, but a bug made it spread to enemies close to the affected one creating a real epidemic. Guess what? we liked the effect and kept it in the definitive version of the weapon!!! Now when dealing with big waves of weaker enemies they have no choice but to explode like small fireworks! What do you guys think? Feedback is gold to us 🙂

Tesla strike!

Here’s a sneak peek of one of the many weapons in our new game, Black Paradox.

The weapon is the Tesla, as you can see in this video it can shoot electric bullets that propagate through enemies dealing great AOE damages!


Today we’ll show you Black Paradox’s second boss, Shadow.

He travels through space riding a metal steed, an hybrid between a motorbike and a horse, equipped with automatic gatlings.
He’s dressed as Earth’s cowboys and has the face of a skeleton.

Also he has the power to call on ghostly versions of himself.

What do you think of Shadow? As usual let us know! your feedback is gold to us!

Slaying zombies in Virginia!


Here’s the first sneak peek of Landflix’s 5th and final world!

The Standing Zombies World will be divided into 3 main locations. The first one is the one you can see up above, Virginia’s roads.

The second one is the city of Alexandria, where lots of zombies will be ready to ambush you, together with the gang members of the “Slavers”.

The last one, the place where the final boss battle will take place, is the beer factory. This is the secret base of the “Slavers”, and is the place where Landflix’s evil CEO is hiding.

In one of the levels Larry will be running from the “Slavers” helicopter. While following you this chopper will deploy gang members to take care of Larry.

While running from the chopper Larry will be standing on top of a running schoolbus. Here he’ll have to fight off the “Slavers” while surviving waves of enemies with the help of his crossbow.

Here’s a look at the world’s enemies. We think both the zombies and the “Slavers” look really cool!

This world’s mid-boss, Blackie, is inspired by The Walking Dead’s Dwight. While riding his bike he’ll be shooting at you with his crossbow, and you’ll have to fight him off while zombies keep coming at you.

In the last level you’ll finally find Landflix’s CEO, but you won’t be fighting him, as he always avoids direct confrontation.

This is actually the one you’ll be fighting. The AKLER is Landflix’s CEO’s deadliest creation. The fight will be fierce and Larry will need to have nerves of steel to fight off this monster!

So what’s your thoughts on Landflix’s 5th and final world and bosses? Let us know!

Insane Brothers

Today we show you the first “hellraiser” boss: “Insane Brothers” ?
A space dwarf controlling his muscle-braines brother. ?? He travels on board a spaceship designed in the likeness of Fury Road’s vehicles.


Black Paradox is a rogue-like shooter with random-generated levels that puts the player against different waves of enemies and hazards everytime.

It features 7 different stages with 7 pre-determined bosses, each with different attack patterns and behaviours that reflects their personalities and characterization in the dieselpunk/sci-fi aesthetic of the game.

They are (from left to right):
-Angry Bones
-Insane Brothers
-Quantum Black

In the next updates we’ll give more details about the story of each bosses. Stay tuned!

Black Paradox

Today we introduce you the main character of the game: Black Paradox!

Bounty hunter, able to travel in time by manipulating black holes’ energy.
On board his car, the Star Phoenix, enginereed to fly in space, he searches for his next prey.
He has an helmet that lets him breath in space and control his vehicle.
An heavily armed, ultra-fast and state-of-the-art car that features a secret weapon: the Black Paradox, which is able to simultaneously overlap two dimensions to get him the help of another Black Paradox, his counterpart from another dimension.
Used at the right time, this weapon can make Black Paradox invincible.